High precision stencils

HP-Etch offer world-class manufacturing of solder paste stencils. Very high standards for precision solder paste application. We offer cad assistance of paste file and technical support. Supplying stencils for all types of tension frame systems. manufacturing stencils in thicknesses from 0.030 mm up to 0.350 mm. Each stencil is designed to your specifications.
High-precision etching makes it possible to determine the stencil wall angle with great accuracy. A cross-section of the stencil shows that the aperture is trapetsoidal shaped to improve paste release properties (see figure). 

Step-level Etching

An increasing variation of component sizes that require different amounts of solder paste. Choosing a stencil of the same thickness across the whole surface often entails a compromise, with the result that it is too thick for the smallest components and too thin for the largest, especially when applying the pin-in-paste method. The way of avoiding this compromise and guarantee that all components have the right amount of paste, regardless of thickness, is to use step-level etching. There are various types of stepping: thinner areas called step-down, thicker areas called step-up. Step etching can be made on top side, bottom side or both sides.

Recommendations for stepping can be found in the industry Standard IPC-7525B, Guidelines for Stencil Design.

Stencil surface treatment and accessories

We offer two different stencil surface treatments NI/PTFE (Teflon) and Microshield, stencil cleaning materials, squeegee blades and stencil storage.

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