What is Parylene coating?

Whenever you need the protective effect under high stress, Parylene can be the best possible solution. It is the ultimate coating for the protection of devices, components and surfaces, especially in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, medical, LED and MEMS industries.

The hydrophobic polymer film has many unique properties. Parylene is light and can be applied as a homogeneous layer thickness. The transparent film is completely smooth and there are no unwanted effects during the construction phase, such as surface tensions or gravitational effects. So it is extremely robust against harsh environmental influences, while the material is absolutely biocompatible: It contains neither solvents nor plasticizers. In addition, it is resistant to aggressive media and liquid hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel, glycol) and can be used as a diffusion barrier to gases. Also, the Parylene coating has no negative effects in the salt spray test.

The layer is usually applied with a thickness of 1 to 50 µm. Homogeneous applications make it possible to cover very small holes. Coating with liquids is often tricky with spatial assemblies, because homogeneous layers can not be guaranteed. However, with Parylene, it is possible to coat hard to reach areas and structures, e.g. deep and narrow columns. The structure of the component or the surface is retained.

Advantages at a glance

› Superior protection properties

› Insensitivity to organic solvents, ceramics, Rubbers

› Insensitivity to inorganic substances, acids, bases and  Solutions

› Resistance to corrosion 

› High mechanical resistance

› High dielectric strength (5000V / 25 μm)

› Low friction coefficient: Use as "lubricant" possible

› Biocompatible and biostable

› Barrier against moisture and chemicals



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