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The photo-etching process is not only fast but also effective, inexpensive and offers process advantages in comparison to other technologies. It eliminates expensive tooling costs, because designs for the photochemical masks are created digitally within a very short time. The metal is tension-free and burr-free, because there are neither heat zones nor edges, as in laser cutting or punching processes.

Different hole geometries and complex opening designs allow a bundle of customized solutions, e.g. defined open area ratios or volume flows. At HP Etch, we can respect the tighest tolerances. Find out about more about our technical guidelines.

We process Nickel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper and Copper alloys as well as Clad metals.

We deliver innovative and flexible solutions with high precision!

Together with our suppliers and partners, we develop the right solution for your applications in order to meet your requirements and expectations in the best possible way.

HP Etch employs 40 people, including 10 engineers with years of international experience and industry expertise. Regular trainings ensure that our employees are aware of the latest developments in the market and thus guarantee high quality at every step of the manufacturing process. We see ourselves as partners for the electronics and medical industry and other related sectors. High product quality, precision and on-time delivery are the basis of our work. Our motto is "Precision all the way".

Working on environmental issues is a natural part of a healthy business - a healthy environment makes good business sense. HP Etch focuses its environmental management on saving natural resources. The goal is to produce every product with the lowest possible consumption of electricity, chemicals and water.

The eco-cycle approach is also taken into account in production. HP Etch's advanced technology makes it possible to reuse a very high proportion of the etching chemicals. The used chemical iron (III) chloride is restored by electrolysis and returned to the process.

All our etched parts are made according to customer specifications for specific applications. Pure metals, metal alloys and clad materials are used. We are happy to advise you on your optimal solution.

Depending on the material availability and your documents, we usually deliver you your products within one week. You need your application faster? Contact us and we try to find a common way.

HP Etch is located 20 km west of Stockholm in a former IBM factory that specialized in high-precision etching technology back in 1982. HP Etch took over this business in 1995 and has always guided the traditions and know-how of that era into the future.

HP Etch is a member of the international organization Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI), which gives us access to the latest research and other developments in etching technology.

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